The Most Inspiring Art Teacher I’ve Known

Being inspired by a topic on Art Print Issues blog by Barney Davey, I decided to start really putting in some work on my blog. I’m going to start with the number 3 topic, and one I can definitely chatter about.

From grade 7, I had begun to delve into all the art classes we were allowed to take in one semester. It started with the basic classes, which I absolutely LOATHED! Having to relearn all the things I had been teaching myself since before I stepped into highschool made me feel stupid and underchallenged. I needed more advancement and complication to being advancing past my own self-taught capacity.

In came Ms. Diment. A quiet, matter of fact kind of teacher. She was a talented artist, competing in many competitions among professionals. She would spend much of the time that we were working, on one of her amazing wildlife pieces. When she learned where I was at in my level of skill, she was the one to recognize it and push it further. After the very first class, I remember her already scheming to give me extra work, something different from the rest of the class, to practice the skills I had. Continue reading