Could Internet cause a shift in artistic development?

As you may know or may not know, the majority of artists (like me) have been raised and molded within an insular experience that caused us to create art. The small social circles and their typical standards have been the pressure cooker for the troubled, introverted creatives that didn’t have the simliar positive social experiences as other normal children.

These experiences forced us into creation mode. Whether out of expression of feelings we couldn’t share or as a safe haven from the stress of our surroundings, these factors played a huge role in our artistic development and sense of purpous in what we create.

The internet now comes into play. We are no longer an island from the rest of the world, watching and reading about it through television and books. We are able to connect with other social groups, finding like minded people of our age and interests. We open up the doors to developing more a healthy social personality that we may not have had 10 or 20 years ago! Children have more access to the world wide web through school computers and affordable, accessable mobile phones. The integration of the web in everything we do is bringing the world closer to children no matter their station or home situation.

We tear down the very barriers that form us, or don’t we? Continue reading

Face Your Manga

On Face Your Manga, you can create your own custom manga avatar of yourself! Here’s mine.

They have a limited amount of options, but you can come really close to what you look like. I’m a sucker for these silly things! Another one I found, which was advertised on the site is Platrium, which is in beta. Try out their fun anime avatar makers.

I love doll makers, so if you know of any other doll/avatar making sites, share it here in comments!