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New art, Store Grand Opening and more

So many new things are going on with my art right now. I’m gearing up to show at several art shows and fests this year including some comic cons and hopefully the Michigan Renaissance Festival if I can figure out the tent logistics (I’ve heard you need a specially old’ looking kind) so I’m going to get that figured out.


I have an art show in Lapeer Michigan in the beginning of October as well as an engagement to speak and possibly live paint in Nashville, in the end of that same month. That doesn’t include the tentatively reserved classroom visits I have in the fall. I’m beginning to bear a full plate! It’s good because I’ve spent a long time on everything BUT what I needed to focus on (my art) and that’s been tough especially when I’ve still been doing all the work without an assistant! So needless to say, I’m working on a system to make shipments move faster and more efficiently as well as gain more time to create art.Which is precisely what I intend to do today! My printer is in the repair shop which has sparked the reality that I’m going to have to upgrade to more printers in studio. I can’t depend on one when I have such a huge print workload on a regular basis!

I’m going to be reopening my Etsy shop today with my newest art offerings, as my primary printer should be back up and running this coming week!


If you haven’t noticed yet, my official website has had a HUGE revamp and repositioning. I’m focusing more on my fantasy art that I’ve been working towards the last 3 years, so the theme and style as well as navigation has changed! Check it out here: http://www.wescoatfineart.com. I now have my OFFICIAL OFFICIAL store on my site and added a lot of my newest art. I’ll be continuing to offer my previous more “contemporary” artwork, namely the Jeweled Trees, Paris Romance series and Botanical work on my Etsy shop.


I have relaunched my official eBay shop with my oldest account, which I’ve had since 1999! Gosh I’ve been on there forEVER! The link to all of my current ebay auctions and listings will be here so bookmark this! > http://stores.ebay.com/Wescoat-Fantasy

So, with that said, here are my latest offerings that have launched this week!

FORBIDDEN FRUIT Original Painting

(c)2013 by Natasha Wescoat. More at http://www.wescoatfineart.com

(c)2013 by Natasha Wescoat. More at http://www.wescoatfineart.com

From the Sirens series, comes this young woodland nymph who is surrounded by all the flying creatures of the forest. She’s my idea of a new Eve. One who persuades, but isn’t persuaded. One who can trick but is never tricked! :)

Auction for Original painting starts at $55 HERE>

Signed 8×10 and 12×16 Prints HERE>

(c) 2013 by Natasha Wescoat

(c) 2013 by Natasha Wescoat

“CHARMED” Original Painting is up for auction HERE>

Signed 8×10 and 12×16 Prints HERE>

All of the most current artworks are available as signed prints and hand-embellished painted Limited Editions at my site! http://www.wescoatfineart.com/store