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What 10 years of blogging looks like

sideviewIt’s really kind of amazing how long it’s been since I started blogging, and working as an artist. I began my blog on Livejournal back in 2004 or earlier and had the challenge of a blog to conquer. Most of my posts ended with LOL. Most sentences, actually, ended with LOL.

Can you imagine what that must’ve looked like? LOL. (oh there ya go!)

It was quite a learning experience, and over the years I experimented with how I would blog. In 2005, before the advent of YouTube, I was videoblogging. And by 2007 I was merely using it to post new auctions. I was far too busy and making money to write really at all. I went from personal to professional, from sharing daily tasks to writing about movies and doing music reviews. 2008 was probably the most entertaining time for my blog readers, because I shared A LOT of cool stuff on here.

At one point the blog was getting so popular that I was contacted by a very VERY famous pop star’s PR agent to do an on-phone interview with the artist. The stupid fool that I was, I first listened to their breakthrough album for about 5 minutes before I broke it in half like an anarchist and emailed back, “No thanks.” I don’t know why I actually broke the disk, I could have just like, given it to someone. What a waste.

And from 2009 through 2012, I’ve been quite bipolar with the updates. The decade of blogging has taught me quite a bit and I feel like I’ve finally come into my own. I’ve become better in my writing, learned to be more transparent and authentic. I’ve become attached to it. I’m trying to steadily come back to videos and sharing my favorite things, so this is a new start! :) (<—- oh and I used to use too many smilies. OH WELL!)


Artists Guide: How To Make a Great First Impression

A great article for artists/photographers from Imagekind.com -

Your profile page is your introduction, artist statement, and first impression all in one! Make your page pull in potential buyers by being articulate and informative.

Upload an Avatar

Customers want to connect with you as an artist and a person. Having a compelling avatar will cause buyers to click through to your page and recognize your posts in the forum as well. A photograph of yourself or a small piece of your most popular work is appropriate. Keep in mind that the image must still look great and clear at a small size. It’s good practice to keep your avatar the same as soon as you decide on a good one – it becomes your face on the site. Your fellow artists and buyers will come to recognize it.”

Click here to read more about “How To Make A Great First Impression”…

Blogs I Enjoy That Aren’t About Art

The internet is full of content, alot of it stupid, but surely amusing, cute, and even useful information and content that you wouldn’t find anywhere else! Here are some of the blogs that I enjoy reading and perusing when I take time to surf the net. They are unrelated to art or the fine art world.

Cute Overload! - cuteoverload.com is the best source for the cutest and silliest animals and pets you have EVER seen! I can’t get enough of this blog. It is so darned adorable!!!! I often have to save some of the cute pics to my computer to put on my desktop.

OHNOTHEYDIDNT! – ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com – The infamous guilty pleasure of even celebrities. This blog is updated so fast that I couldn’t keep up with it if I missed reading it for two days alone. This blog has a handful of contributors, most of them the readers themselves, posting not yet seen news from around the web and other media of celebrities at their best and worst. It’s a sad little addiction. I can’t wait to see what Britneys doing outside her home next. I’m so sooo sorry Brit Brit.

Mashable - mashable.com – This blog is more amusement than business related to me, though I do utilize this information to propel my social media marketing ideas. This blog shows you all the latest news on the newest net related technology and social networking. It’s interesting to say the LEAST. It is also connected to other social media news blogs. It’s the never ending web. Don’t get lost!

Those are the main blogs I tend to lurk. I don’t do much reading on blogs unless they are related to business and art.