Artist Guide: 5 Ways To Use Your Art for a Non-Art Business

A little note for you aspiring artists and creative entrepreneur-to-bes: This art business isn’t exactly a viable business choice.Β Just so you know. ;)

What little people understand is: Even the most successful artists and creatives have other jobs or struggle to make ends meet.

It’s not exactly what an artist wants to share if they are trying to sell their work. It’s not the most attractive way to draw collectors/buyers!

Some are smart never to make it their vocation. In this day and age, the huge economical disaster we’ve been dealing with should indicate jumping head first into this is not such a smart move. Unless you are already rich, have a career or an endless amount of sugar daddies (sugar mommas) you will find the idea of making money off of this quite difficult. Don’t count on artist grants, residencies, business loans, angel investors or even Kickstarter to help you make it happen. Try if you want, but don’t count on it as your key to the universe.Β Just like becoming a rock star or professional gymnast is for the far and few in between, we may not be destined to follow a dream to be an artist. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t use the skills we’ve been given to do something completely different or non-art related.

If you want to go the rockstar route, I’m not discouraging you at all! Try it and go for it if you want, but we forget that there are so many amazing and fun ways to share our art in a vocation or trade that’s not art focused!

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