NEW “Tiny Smile” Original Painting at auction


“Tiny Smile” ORIGINAL 8×10 Acrylic painting

From the Fairies series by me, Natasha Wescoat!

This lovely little fairy has beautiful deep blue hair that glimmers in the light, and a sweet little rouge butterflies sits at her chest. Her eyes almost glow and her smile is slight.

View or bid on auction, starts at 0.01! HERE:

My workout playlists

For those who don’t know, I workout. I don’t mean like Zumba on Thursdays or home video workouts. I lift weights (heavy, girls!) and frequent the gym almost daily. So, although most days my ears are flooded with fresh music while I work, I need some audio adrenaline for the gym.

For lifting days, I always start with some hard rock. Everything from 80’s hairband classics to my favorite metal bands (H.I.M., NIN or ADTR, etc). When it comes to cardio, I want my favorite amped up dance, house and techno music. The more “elegant” work of deep house or serious techno my professional techno DJ friends have inspired me to listen to more of. But here are 2 of my current playlists which are publicly available to follow on Spotify, which is my current favorite music app right now! I’m a huge music junkie, so having unlimited access has been fantastic for work and play. If you don’t subscribe, you can still use their desktop version unlimited for free.

Check these out and let me know what your favorite gym playlists or songs are right now.



Rip it UP




Pirate Mermaid Original drawings at auction

displaymermaYou can now bid to win the 2 first original Pirate Mermaid drawings in my eBay store!


“Art Life” Original 9×12:


“Treasure Hunter” Original 9×10:

New “Mystic View” Eye Study Original painting, #1 Limited Edition auctions


“Mystic View” Eye Study
Original 5″x7″ Acrylic painting on canvas panel
Comes framed in Beautiful Ornate resin frame making it approx. 6″x9″ in size!
AVAILABLE for $300 here:

If interested in a custom eye study painting, please message me!


greeneyedviolet_natashawescoat#1 First Limited Edition of “Green Eyed Violet” auction is here as well, which starts at 0.01!:

#1 First Limited Edition of “The Wishing Apple” at auction, New licensing deals


For those who missed out on owning the original painting today, The FIRST Hand painted limited edition canvas print of “The Wishing Apple” has just been released at auction starting at 0.01 here:

This is an auction for the NUMBER ONE first canvas in the limited edition set of 25! Only 25 of these hand-painted canvas prints are ever made. 

This is the #01 of 25 which is a highly collected and sought after number in a limited edition set.


I’ve just signed on with 2 new companies! One is a brand new, small company based in UK that offers cross stitch and needlework products! They are releasing my “The Wishing Apple” as the first offering with many to be released in the next few months!

Check them out the first release here with Eclectic Bloke Designs:

Also, in the next few weeks, my licensed tubes will be made available through the company, My Tubed Art! Be sure to check back here for when her licensed tubes/tags are made available!