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Replay of The 6 Figure Artist Webinar


We had some technical difficulties last month when I hosted my first live webinar on Google Hangouts. Thankfully, we have the replay so you can watch it right NOW! Click on this link to play watch the 1hr long video>

I talk with @FreshRag about Etsy and the Changes going on!


I talk with @FreshRag about Etsy and the changes that have been happening on the site in the latest podcast:

6 Ways To Share Your Art LIVE with Google Hangout


In 2005 (pre-Youtube days), I had begun to videoblog my work. Everything from random moments with my children to the process of a painting were posted on my original blog. It wasn’t long after that, that I discovered live video through I found quickly that the benefits of painting live were greater than even creating a basic video.

I found that the benefits of livestreaming were fantastic for artists because:

  • You can reach new audiences.
  • You don’t have to deal with recording the video, because the site’s program offers automatic video creation after the broadcast.
  • You can announce and share the live broadcast all over the web with their simple to use tools.
  • You could even auction art live to the audience.

This was an exciting opportunity to give your audience and fans a deeper connection with the work by being able to see the art created right before their eyes. Not only that, but they could ask me questions in the chat section, rewatch or share previous broadcasts with others and get to interract with other fans. I loved that I could meet new people who had never been exposed to my work before and find out what they really enjoyed about my art. Because of this, I’ve made hundreds of dollars during some broadcasts and made new friends who became some of my most devout patrons. I love being able to create art live and have a bit of company while working in the studio. There are so many amazing ways to use this free tool and even potentially gain new leads (potential collectors) and sell a painting!

Now, there have always been some known options for livestreaming or broadcasting from your studio. And while some of them are great with a large community, they may not be your cup of tea. I’ve used, and (formerly another name).

The best option that I have found and recommend highly, is Google’s Hangouts on Air.

It’s free, simple to use and gives you better options than you could get anywhere else.

Not only can you schedule your live video, share and promote the event, but you broadcast right onto the page and the video is later posted to your youtube page for watching again later!

Here’s 6 great ways to use Google Hangout to share your art LIVE: 

1. Make it an event! Promote and share your upcoming live painting sessions at least a week or two ahead and set a specific date and time. Create an event on Facebook or Google to visit.

2. Create specific events for your fans: Don’t just use this for live painting but consider Q and A sessions with fans or livestreaming from an art show.

3. Compile your live video collection on Youtube by year or subject. After video broadcasts are uploaded to your youtube automatically, you can then later categorize them into playlists that fans can more easily search and watch by interest or topic!

4. Start a regular Live studio feed: Even if you are not in the studio, having a live camera in your studio for fans to check up and see when you are in, watch what you’re doing is a crazy but fun option. A lot of professional livestreamers (yes, professional) do this, where their office cam or house cam is always on, so you’re invited to be a voyeur of sorts into their working lives.This is for those who wouldn’t mind going a “passive” route to livestreaming.

5. Host a virtual art show! A fun way to use google hangouts is to create your own art show right from your home or studio! Hang each artwork up or show each piece via video and talk about the work.

6. Hold a live art auction. Leaning on idea #5, this is where you can share your art or studio sale, share pieces live so that viewers can see the work and it’s details and discuss the option of purchasing or bidding on the piece right there. I’ve done this successfully in the past many times and find that people WANT to do this. They always asked me to do that for them.

These are just a few ways that you can use live video to create and share your art and even make a few bucks!



Artist Mastermind Podcast: Practicing Detachment To Your Work

5 Steps to becoming a more prolific artist through detaching yourself from your art.



Art Famous Challenge: 5 Days to Art Fame FREE Course

artfamous-logoTAKE THE CHALLENGE!

I am offering you the opportunity to learn from how to take your art business from zero to art famous in 5 days. But How, Natasha? Are you crazy? 

I’ve developed a plan that will set you up for hot leads and huge exposure in just 5 days, and it’s entirely free.

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When you sign up, you will be given instant access to a daily task that sets you up for success. This will be basically a free test run of what it’s like to do The Artist Blueprint Plan – which is a course that helps you set up a successful, 6-figure famous art business.

You ready to take on my challenge? Think you have what it takes to make a successful creative business? Then this is for you!


  • Each day, you will be given a specific task to accomplish with a video and daily action worksheets.
  • At the end of each day, you will share your feedback and what you accomplished. This holds you accountable and lets me know how much you accomplished each day.
  • At the end of the 5 day challenge, we will have a LIVE Q and A where I can answer your questions on the challenge and how you’re achieving your goals.

The Art Famous Challenge begins now so Sign Up FREE and get started!

P.S. If you participate in the 5 Day challenge, you will be entered for a chance to win my online course, The Artist Blueprint plan!

Celebrate Those Little Wins


We look at what other people are accomplishing and get carried away in comparing ourselves. We haven’t made that. We haven’t created that much. We haven’t done those things or been to those places.

Comparing ourselves limits our ability to succeed. We cannot consume our minds with the accomplishments of others but look at them as examples of what you can do and WILL do.

So, to remind yourself that you are awesome and capable of great things, always celebrate even the little wins. The little wins are steps towards bigger and greater things. They are worth just as much as the large accomplishments because you achieved them on your own, on your own terms and because you wanted such.

You are capable of anything if you work hard for it. And when you make something good happen in the process, don’t forget to pat yourself on the back. Reward yourself for every positive step forward.

Join my next LIVE Training on Etsy March 4th

I will be hosting a live training webinar on Google hangout to teach creatives and artist how to use Etsy to gain massive traffic and sell their art. It’s totally free and will be held on March 4th at 3pm EST/12pm PST. Sign up here free and join us! SIGN UP FOR WEBINARetsy_webinar_banner1

Podcast: Twitter Strategies for Artists

ampodcast_box1Listen to the latest Artist Mastermind Podcast on Twitter Strategies for Artists. Step-by-step actionable advice on how to utilize Twitter to build a fanbase and find collectors: Twitter Strategies for Artists>